More Than 16 Years

With more than 16 years of working experienced, APLD had produced a long list of works which shows various kinds of projects such as private residences, office spaces, retail shops, shopping mall, condominium, museums, exhibition, art galleries, exterior façade lighting and landscape lighting. The philosophy behind APLD, extended through the work and team member as to reflected on our thought that light do not just the illumination but rather the inner of ourselves that affecting through the experience call light.

In 2012-2016

In year of 2012, APLD had received our first platinum on “LEED AWARD” for SCG 100 years being construct for category “ External Façade Lighting” the building still speak out beautifully until this day.

Later in year 2016 with competition winning for “The Naka Hotel” on the International Architecture Award as an Associate Lighting Design from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

In 2019

In year 2019 with competition winning category “LIBRARY” for Best of Year Winner of Interior Design Magazine. The project being working in collaboration with Department of Architecture for the design of “Architecture Library Chulalongkorn University Department of Architecture”.
APLD CO., LTD was founded with the purpose to raise the awareness of quality lighting with the public. The company’s philosophy is based on the belief that, “Lighting effects the human being both physiologically and psychologically”. The company does giving a complete services including lighting designing, planning, and consulting.

The lighting design section is led by Ms. Kanokporn Nuchsaeng, a UK graduated with a Master Degree in Light & Lighting from University College London. University of London. Ms. Kanokporn started working with a German based professional firm right after her graduation in 1997. Now she had extended her beliefs in lighting’s philosophy by setting up a new lighting design company named APLD CO., LTD.