APLD Flow & Responsibility Chart

The company housed 11 designers and 3 administrative officers. With 4 Senior Lighting Designer graduated with Lighting Design Background in Master Degree. Ms. Kanokporn from “Bartlett School of Architecture”, University College London, England with another two Senior Lighting Designer, Ms. Chotima & Ms, Sunida graduated with one of the most pronounced institution “Parson School of Design New York” United States of America. Lastly with Ms. Kwanporn, a Senior Lighting Designer graduated with most remarkable in Technology from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

The rest of the design team are lighting designers who have been studied and trained in lighting design intensive program with ranking background from architecture, interior designer and landscape planner. This special combination is the philosophy of APLD as lighting design in necessary and must be see and understand by each different specialist background, so the lighting can be appreciated and be design by each specialty professional trained solely. This will provide APLD a wide range of services from architectural lighting to interior lighting and to landscape lighting with seemly.

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