Conceptual Phase, I

The company named Architect, Interior Designer and Client, with brief APLD Co.,Ltd. On all the above areas and their requirements for each space including client’s preference, client’s artifact collections, and visual design image of each space. The additional brief must included relates information of all surface finishes including type of materials, textures and colors. Budget consideration will be required.

For the Interior and Exterior Lighting a complete set of architectural drawing including elevations, sections and details must be issued to APLD Co.,Ltd. After the initial brief, the preliminary lighting design proposals will be prepared and this will be presented to the Client in sketch layouts.

Design Development Phase, II

APLD Co.,Ltd. Will also prepare sketch details where appropriate or necessary to illustrate the lighting design proposal and to give and indication of all builders work that may be required.

Together with the Electrical Consultant, APLD Co.,Ltd. Will identify all the control equipment including switch and dimmer rack, define the electrical load required for each area for which they are responsible for the lighting, and prepare a budget costing for approval, to include for the cost of all the specified lighting fittings and associated lighting control equipment. Before proceeding to Phase II, APLD Co.,LTd. Will require design and budget approval by the Client and the Architect.

Documentation Phase, III

On approval of Phase II, APLD Co.,Ltd. Will proceed to the documentation Phase and Prepare a “schematic draft” lighting plan for the lighting layouts, circuit and control schedules.

The planning will show the location with offsets of the lighting fixture and the type of fitting required. Where any Clarification is needed or where the lighting is to be built into a special detail, and then detail sections will also be produced giving all necessary working dimensions for the Architect and Interior Designer to prepare their final working details for construction.

The drawing will be circuited with a circuit reference number, which will relate to the circuit schedule information sheets. Each circuit is listed with the type and quantity of fitting, the load, and type of light source and how it is to be controlled. The fitting schedules give all the necessary information on the lighting fitting that are being specified and enable the Tenders to offer alternative equivalents based on the type and the quality of the fitting specified.

They provide a description for the fitting, the photometric data of the beam spread angle, the type of the lamp to be used, the control gear if necessary, the cut out and recess depth dimension, the manufacturer references, any modification required, the quantity and a prepared cut sheet on the fitting. The alternative equivalents must be present to APLD Co.,Ltd. For the approval and the alternative fitting selections must be based on the quality of the lighting distribution, visual performance and safety requirement from the original intended specification. An updated budget costing will also be prepared if required.


Implementation Phase, IV

This will generally be the responsibility of the Electrical Consultant, but APLD Co.,Ltd. Will be available to answer any problems or make site adjustment as necessary or requested by the Electrical Consultant or Contractor, Interior Designer or Architect. It is not expected that APLD Co.,Ltd. Will be involved on a regular basis at meeting, but will intended as when requested by the Client or the Architect.

Final Setting Up Phase, V

Once the installation is completed and has been rested and proven by the Electrical Consultant including the completion of commissioning from the Interior Designer or Architect, APLD Co.,Ltd. Will set up the lighting in all areas for which it is responsible to ensure that the visual result is as originally intended. This will also involve APLD Co.,Ltd. Liaising with the maintenance engineers on all aspects of the installation, control installation design and lamp replacement.